As I am sure you saw from the description, this site is a body positive site! Yes, I know there are a lot of them out there, but I want to try and make this one special.

How? I don’t want to spend all day reblogging other Body Pos. blogs, I would absolutely be thrilled if every single one of my beautiful fantastic followers (who are soon to come) submit good advice, photos of themselves being happy in the skin they were born with, ANYTHING to help others who struggle with their image.

We’re trying to break the system, in a way. Break the societal conditioning the media has created. Thin is not the only sexy. Curvy is not the only sexy.

YOU ARE THE ONLY SEXY, NOT WHAT SOCIETY AND THE MEDIA DEFINE AS SEXY. Confidence is beautiful, and I’m trying to give it to every single one of you.

This is a blog for you, run by you, I’m just a humble moderator.